Course Price List

The Level 3 and Level 4 course are £1600 combined.
We are flexible with our payment scheme and understand how the fact that not one shoe fits all. With this in mind, we can offer three ways in which you can pay for your course.

1) Make you’re studying affordable by paying at the beginning of each month, the monthly cost is £125.00.
2) Pay 800.00 at the beginning of each term to help spread the cost of your course.
3) Pay £1600 at the beginning of your training and not have to worry about making another payment.

You will need to consider the following when costing up our course.
All IDTA examinations will need to be added to the price, these are paid directly to IDTA and no extra cost is added on. At present, the cost of the examinations is as follows and subject to change by IDTA.

  • Level 3 Diploma (90 minutes) – £120.00
  • Practical resit (75 minutes) – £100.00
  • Workbook resit (15 minutes) – £20.00
  • Level 4 Diploma Unit One – £52.00
  • Level 4 Diploma Unit Two (120 minutes) – £210.00
  • Level 4 Diploma Unit Three (45 minutes) – £79.00

Unlimited Dance also has a studio fee for your examination day.
Devon studio £30.00
Wilkes Academy, Swindon studio £40.00

Unlimited Dance has a student fee. These are our students who will come and assist you in your Unit 2 (pointe work) and Unit 3 as your class students.
The fee for this is £50.00

All the above are payable in advance of your examination.