Getting Started

A reputable established Dance Company with over 30 years of teaching experience and a remarkable 100% pass rate for this Diploma, we pride ourselves on training teachers and teaching assistants to reach their highest potential within these programs. 

All our courses are delivered by experienced qualified teachers who offer you support, and guidance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to become a fully accredited IDTA teacher. Once qualified this will open up many career opportunities within the industry in the UK and around the world. This course is fully supported by IDTA and is advertised on their website.

Our course is 100% online. This means no extra travel costs and no time away from expect on your exam day. Study from the comfort of your home and studio as the courses are accessible on any device. We have a scheduled Zoom training session one Sunday a month 9.30 am – 1.00 pm. Also extra support via a private group on social media.

IDTA Ballet Diploma Level 3 & 4

The IDTA Ballet Level 4 Diploma is one of the most important qualifications to hold in the world of dance, allowing you to work with schools and youth groups, teach workshops, and even open your own successful dance school.

Our IDTA Level 3 & 4 Online Ballet Course is proving very popular. Our courses are online giving you the freedom to study as and when you so wish.
The course consists of a detailed comprehensive theory section including supportive videos to aid you in your practical work. Contact is established throughout via a closed FaceBook page and intense practical study days via Zoom these are scheduled once a month always on a Sunday as part of the program. We have an active closed FaceBook page dedicated to our students, a place where you can ask questions and feel comfortable discussing you’re training with us. We also have our teacher’s WhatsApp page available to send in videos and get feedback from your teachers.
The online course is straightforward and flexible, giving you the perfect way to manage the required study in and around any lifestyle.

Training with us has got a whole lot easier and more accessible.
Our courses are broken down into the Level 3 and Level 4 Diploma, making your study and development as easy and manageable as possible – and with flexible payment options, this course is perfect for anyone looking to start their career as a qualified dance teacher!

This course is for dance teaching assistants as young as 15yrs who will be 16yrs at the time of their exam, ranging to any upper age. The assistants are required to have a strong background within dance. The course is taken over 3 terms. After successfully passing the Level 3 Diploma dance teaching assistants can assist dance teachers in class situations and help teach groups of students under supervision of a qualified.

The course is for candidates aged 18 or over who hold the Intermediate grade in Ballet with a recognised society, holds the IDTA Level 3 Diploma, completed a 2/3 year performing arts course or holds a Dance Degree.
The course is over 3 terms. Once successfully passing the Level 4 exam candidates can progree into dance teaching in all genres, whether running their own dance school or working as a freelance teacher within schools.

The Level 4 exam consists of the following:
Unit One is the online theory set by IDTA this has to be passed before you can be entered in for your Unit Two and Three – This is completed by Term 3, you will be studying the practical side of your diploma alongside working on the Unit One.

Unit Two is the Intermediate syllabus work which is studied during terms 3 and 4 this is where you will learn to have full knowledge of the grade, how you would teach individual exercises, make up appropriate exercises, and have a full understanding of the grade.

Unit Three is a class test where you will teach 2/4 students in front of the examiner, you may choose which grade you are teaching these are either grade 2, grade 3, grade 4 or grade 5. The examiner will let you know on the day what is they wish you to teach. The use of your own music is required you do not use the set IDTA syllabus music.

The theory and practical side of your coursework will be constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that you are maintaining the correct standards required by IDTA, for each grade of this course UDC will determine whether you need extra tuition and guidance. If after receiving the additional help you are still not meeting the requirements set by IDTA for the Level 3 & 4 Ballet Course, and are falling behind significantly due to incomplete work, UDC reserve the right to decide if it is deemed fit to remove you from the course or not enter you for the said exams. At this stage, no refund will be offered.

Should you wish to withdraw from the course
If you feel you wish to withdraw from our course before your exam and you have paid in full we will continue your training with no extra cost should you return back to us within 3 months. If you return after that timescale and wish to refresh there will be a £40.00 fee for every Zoom training session you attend.