Grade Five Questions

What is the foot pattern for a triple run?
Down, Up, Down
Up, down, down
Down, Up, Up
In the warm up we see a shoulder roll. What part of the back moves?
From the lower back so a slight twist in the waist
From the lower back so a slight back bend is achieved
From the upper back
In a forward port de bars, should the arm coming up into 5th position stay next to the head as the body is bought back up to an upright position?
What is the first foot action we see called in the ‘Foot extensions’ exercise?
Petit retire
Petit developpé
Petit jete
In what exercise do we see a forward port de bras?
Adage at the barre
Foot extensions
What does ‘Pique’ mean
To pick up
To accent
In a ‘Pas de bourrée pique’ where is the foot positioning?
In the pirouette prep position
In a full retiré position
In front of the knee on the first step and behind the knee on the second step
What is a ‘Demi grande rond de jambe’ preparing students for
Pointe work
Tour en l’air
Pirouettes and Fouettes
In the ‘Grands battements en clôche’ exercise. What is the height of the en clôche?
Grands battement
What time signature is the ‘Progressive demi pointe’ exercise
What positions can the arms be in ‘Port de bras with balancés’?
4th crossed, attitude or opposition
4th crossed, ordinaire or opposition
Teachers choice
What is the opening movement for the ‘Boys’ in Port de bras with balancés?
Rise with a reverse port de bars to 5th
Step forward into degagé derrieré with a reverse port de bars to 5th
Step into a degagé with left hand on hip and right arm in demi seconde
Have we seen pirouettes before in previous grades?
What is the foot pattern for a pas de bourree over?
Front, side, front
Front, side, behind
What does ‘Sissone’ mean?
To jump
Scissor action
To split
What are the sissones performed in the ‘Sissones en avant’ exercise?
Ferme, Ouvert, Croise
Ouvert, Crosie, Changement
Ferme, Ouvert, Changée
What does Ferme mean?
To change
What step starts a full contretemps?
Chassé en avant
Temps leve