Grade One Questions

These multiple choice questions are to test your knowledge of the grade, they are NOT ones necessarily used in the examination.

Red indicates the incorrect answer and green indicates the correct answer.

What is the time signature change in the ‘Warm up’
6/8 into 3/4
12/8 into 6/8
3/4 into 6/8
Is this the first time we have seen a demi plié in 3rd position?
What determines the height of a glissé?
The pressure through the floor
The speed at which the foot leaves the floor
Should the legs work in unison in the ‘Grande degagé’ exercise?
No, they work individually
Yes, they should bend and stretch at the same time
In a preparatory grands battement, what are the placements of the foot?
Point, lift, close straight into 3rd position
Point, lift, point, close into 3rd position
What makes the arm position 4th become an attitude ordinaire?
The leg is extended either à terre or en l’air
The body is on the ecarte alignment
The feet are in 5th or 3rd
The allegro warm up is in which time signature
What preparatory glissades are in the ‘preparatory glissade’ exercise?
Devant only
Devant and derriere
Derriere only