Grade Two Questions

These multiple choice questions are to test your knowledge of the grade, they are NOT ones necessarily used in the examination.

Red indicates the incorrect answer and green indicates the correct answer.

In the ‘Warm up’ what is the time signatures for Section B?
In what grade do we see the first full plié and in what position is it performed?
Grade 2 in 1st and 3rd
Grade 1 in 2nd position
Primary in 2nd position
How do distinguish a degagé from a tendu?
A degagé carries onto another step and a tendu returns into the body
A tendu carries onto another step and a degagé return into the body
What does Ronde de jambé a terre mean and in what time signature is it performed in ?
Circular action of the leg, 6/8
Round of the leg on the floor, 3/4
When executing a grande battement where does the throwing action come from?
The front of the leg
The back of the leg
How do we distinguish between a retire and a pirouette prep?
The foot placement for a retire is beside the knee, the instep is placed under the knee for a pirouette prep
The foot is placed just under the knee for a retire, the foot is placed behind the knee for a pirouette prep
What does jete mean?
To extend
To throw
To elevate
What are the two arm positions used in the ‘adage enchaînment’?
4th position and 1st arabesque
attitude ordinaire and 4th position
Attitude ordinaire and 1st arabesque