Preparatory Questions

These multiple choice questions are to test your knowledge of the grade, they are NOT ones necessarily used in the examination.

Red indicates the incorrect answer and green indicates the correct answer.

What is the time signature for ‘Walking and Running’ ?
What ways can the skipping exercise be executed?
Skipping in a circle
Skipping in a pattern
Skipping with a partner
All of the above
In preparatory is 1st position compulsory?
How would you describe the boys arm action in ‘dancing arms’ ?
arm waves
In ‘Little jumps and big jumps’ how many little jumps are executed and how many big jumps are executed?
8 & 4
4 & 8
6 & 2
In the introduction for ‘Sways and gallops’, where is the foot placed?
Held in 1st position
Point to second position
Demi plie
What is the curtsey for Preparatory?
Step, curtsey, step, curtsey
Step, curtsey, step, join
Step, curtsey