Primary Exam Preparation

Students can be entered for the Primary grade at the age of 5 years. They must be at a level where they can execute the syllabus work without the aid of a teacher and know the work fully without being prompted.

Students enter the examination in groups of 1, 2 or 3’s.

The students enter the examination room with number 3 or 2 leading in. Each student should have a number pinned onto the front of their uniform and have examination form with them, which are prepared in advance by the teacher. Once they have presented their exam form to the examiner they then line up in front of the examiner starting with number 1 from left to right.

The students will either say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” to the examiner who will then check their names against the exam forms before they commence.


The exam is only 15 minutes long. Make sure that the next group of candidates are ready to go into the exam room once the first group has entered. 

Some examiners like to ring a bell to let the teacher know when they are ready for the next group and some like to just keep the groups flowing one after another. Check before the exam starts which way the examiner prefers.


If possible put a stronger candidate with a weaker student. When numbering the children make sure number 1 and 3 are the strongest candidates, as they are the ones who will lead in some of the exercises. If only entering 2 students it would be advised that a stronger student is with a slightly weaker student. 


The exam music must be operated by an independent person not the teacher. There should be a screen around this person so they are unable to see the students but must be able to see the examiner.

The music playlist should be unticked so that the tracks don’t run straight into each other.


These must be covered, use either screens or curtains.


Girls: Skirted leotard, pink ballet socks. pink ballet shoes.

Hair in a ballet bun, if too short for a bun a ballet hairband is required.

No jewellery, nail polish or make up.

Boys: Black tights or shorts, black leotard or unitard, white ballet socks, black ballet shoes.

Hair out of eyes and tidy.