Primary Questions

These multiple choice questions are to test your knowledge of the grade, they are NOT ones necessarily used in the examination.

Red indicates the incorrect answer and green indicates the correct answer.

What are the time signatures for ‘Balletic warm-up B’?
2/4 into 6/8
3/4 into 4/4
3/4 into 6/8
What is the starting position for the ‘Step and pointe with balance’ exercise
Point to second
Point devant on a fondu
Point devant no fondu
What position should the foot pass through when placing devant in a fondu?
3rd position
1st position
What is the most used arm positions?
1st and 3rd
1st and 5th
1st and 2nd
What does echappé mean?
To escape
To spring
What is the time signature for the ‘Spring points and pas de cheval’ exercise?
What is the leg action for the Pas de cheval?
Up the side of the leg
Up the front of the leg
What is the ending for the ‘step and hop’ enchaînment?
Place foot down into 1st position
Jump feet into 1st position
Petit assemble into 1st position
Is the ‘gallops forwards and sideways’ exercise a set pattern and direction or teachers choice?
Teachers choice
Set pattern and direction
Which is the correct sequence of characters for the Introduction to free movement
Cat, Witch, Puppet, Mechanical Doll, Solider, Fairy
Witch, Clown, Mechanical Doll, Solider, Fairy
Cat, Witch, Clown, Mechanical Doll, Solider, Fairy
Is the dance in Primary with or without a theme?