Work Book and Teaching Observation

This is an important part of your exam and is presented to the examiner before you enter the exam room. It is something that you will need to work on throughout the Level 3 course and we strongly advise that you keep up to date with your workbook as it can be stressful trying to get all your written work completed in a short space of time.

What needs to be in your workbook.
Below is the link to the Level 3 IDTA web page.

Here you will see your safe dance practise workbook and teaching observation form.
You need to download both documents and complete both documents and these are handed into your examiner before your exam session begins. They can either be handwritten or typed.

In the workbook, you will be asked to write about
1) Risk assessment
2) Responsibilities for younger children
3) Posture
4) Nutrition and hydration
5) IDTA code of conduct

You need to answer the questions that are asked by IDTA
The Workbook is judged as achieved or not achieved by the examiner and both elements of the workbook are reviewed holistically to form an overall judgment

You have to complete 4 teaching logs and these get placed in the same file as your workbook. You will need to observe your teacher and answer the questions on the observation form, your teacher is then required to sign them off. If you are not assistant teaching for anyone please let us know and we will help arrange observation lessons via Zoom for you.