Our Teachers

We are a family-based teacher training centre with over 30 years experience and like to think of everyone as part of that dance family.

We have trained many students over the years in the IDTA Level 4 Ballet Diploma with all of them successfully passing.
The journey from start to finish can be a life-changing experience, learning new information, taking on new challenges, revisiting and refreshing existing knowledge. You will also meet new people who have similar goals as yourself. Ultimately the end result will be a great personal achievement, which can then be used as a springboard for the next stage in your dancing career.

We encourage good communication between all of our students. All questions, however, small are considered valid and are answered accordingly.

We are always there to give support and advice to our students past and present. The door is always left open even when you are teaching for yourselves, other dance schools or have opened up your own dance school.

We are very excited about sharing this journey with you and helping you qualify as an IDTA Level 4 Ballet teacher.

Sarah Clements

Founder/Director and Teacher

I started the Unlimited Dance Company and Teacher Training Centre 10 years ago. Over those 10 years it has been a pleasure to see so many teachers qualify through us with IDTA and follow their dance careers.

Ellie Freeman

Deputy Director/Teacher

Ellie has trained with Unlimited Dance for 23 years and has worked up to senior teacher status.
You will find Ellie teaching the Level 3 work.